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Registration & The Coroner

If the death occurs at home, contact the deceased’s GP as soon as possible. The GP may write out the Medical Cause of Death Certificate when they call to certify the death, or they may request that you collect same from the Surgery a day or so later. In the event that the GP cannot issue this certificate, the death will be referred to H M Coroner.

If the death occurs in a nursing home, the staff will contact the GP on your behalf, and again you may be asked to collect the Medical Cause of Death Certificate from the Surgery.

If the death occurs in hospital, the ward staff will make an appointment for you with the Bereavement Office at the hospital. They are able to provide you with information.

If a death occurs suddenly or unexpectedly, whether as a result of apparent natural causes, an accident or a crime, then the death will be automatically referred to H M Coroner. This can be irrespective of where the death occurs.

When a death has been reported to H M Coroner, they will issue a Medical Certificate of Death. This form will then be sent by a Coroner’s officer to The Registrar. There is no need for you to arrange to collect this certificate. In some cases while still awaiting specialist reports from medical professionals, the Coroner may issue an interim certificate to enable the funeral to take place before they conclude their investigation.

You can make an appointment at the Registration Office by calling 0191 520 5553 or visiting and clicking on Births, Deaths & Marriages, then simply follow the instructions. When making an appointment with the Sunderland Registration Service you will be asked to attend the Registrars Office :

Sunderland Civic Centre. Burdon Road, Sunderland. SR2 7DN

Chargeable parking is available on site.

If the death occurred outside of Sunderland then you will need to contact the Registration Office for the sub-district in which the death occurred.

Who can register:

• A close relative of the person who has died

• A relative in attendance during the last illness

• A person present at the death

• The person making the funeral arrangements

Documents to be taken to the Registry Office:

• Medical Cause of Death Certificate

• NHS Medical Card (if available)

• Birth Certificate

Information Required to be given to the Registrar:

• Date and place of death

• Full name of the Person who has died plus any other names that they have been known by, including maiden name if applicable.

• Date and place of birth

• Home address and postcode

• Occupation

• If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse

• Please take to the Registrar, any Benefit or Pension books from the State that the Person who has died was receiving from the Government

The informant will be given the following certificates:

• A Green Certificate to be given to the Funeral Director to enable the funeral to take place

( This certificate may now be sent electronically by the Registrar )

• A copy of the entry of death certificate. This certificate will be required for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

 ( Additional copies can be purchased at the time of registering the Death )

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